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G. Managing Other Uncertainties

This section includes additional information about other events that may have an impact on future financials. These amounts have not been recorded elsewhere in the statements.

G1. Contingencies

Contingent assets and contingent liabilities are not recognised in the Statement of Financial Position but are reported in the notes. They may arise from uncertainty as to the existence of an asset or liability, or represent an asset or liability in respect of which the amount cannot be reliably measured. Contingent assets are disclosed when settlement is probable but not virtually certain and contingent liabilities are recognised when settlement is greater than remote.

Finance does not have any significant quantifiable contingent assets or liabilities, nor does it have any unquantifiable contingent assets.

Unquantifiable contingent liabilities

In the normal course of business (including the Finance Owned Estate and general insurance functions), Finance has a number of matters that are unquantifiable or subject to litigation. At the date of this report, Finance does not consider the outcome of any such matters likely to have a significant effect on its operations or financial position.

G2. Subsequent events

There were no subsequent events after the reporting period.