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Capability and enablers

The Department's enabling factors in relation to people, integrity, financial management, data and information management, business optimisation, business continuity, and information and communications technology (ICT) remain central to our performance.

The events of recent years have emphasised the importance of a connected, mobile and responsive public sector, equipped with the right skills for the future. This is fundamental to Finance's approach to the work we do, our outward-facing stewardship activities, and how we operate internally.

Finance is refreshing its workforce strategy to ensure strong links between our people, our business needs and government priorities. This includes applying lessons learned during COVID-19 in how to work digitally and flexibly, ensuring our workforce remains agile and responsive to changing demands.

Our People Capability Framework, launched in 2019, continues to drive operational efficiencies and build strong performance. The framework outlines the expectations and core capabilities for staff across all classifications. Our staff learning and development programs are curated to focus on embedding capabilities in ethical decision-making, financial and policy analysis, data analytics and digital literacy. Finance is committed to supporting staff deliver to a high standard against emerging priorities and business-as-usual functions in a connected, collaborative and flexible way.

Our business optimisation function continues to use the latest available technology to provide fit-for-purpose digital solutions across Finance, releasing capacity for staff to focus on key value-added services such as data analysis, policy implementation and the provision of support and advice.

In the 2020–21 financial year, 28 business processes were automated and a further 23 Finance business processes were documented in preparation for automation, returning over 4,000 hours back to higher priority work including support to government, other agencies and clients. Digital automation and business process improvements build organisational resilience by maturing Finance’s service delivery to continuously meet the evolving challenges of the public sector.