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Organisational structure

Figure 2: Organisational structure, at 30 June 2021

Organisational structure  Organisational structure, at 30 June 2021 Secretary - Rosemary Huxtable PSM Deputy Secretary - Budget and Financial Reporting Matt Yannopoulos PSM Budget Policy and Coordination Amanda Lee Government and Defence Anna Harmer Industry, Education and Infrastructure Libor Pelecky Social Policy Martin Graham Deputy Secretary - Governance and Resource Management Nathan Williamson Financial Analysis, Reporting and Management Tracey Carroll Governance Scott Dilley Productivity and Business Improvement Rod Schreiber* acting Shared Services Transformation Program Office Lucelle Veneros Service Delivery Office Michelle Black* acting GovERP Joshua Ryan Deputy Secretary - Commercial and Government Services Stacie Hall* acting Commercial Investments Carly Makin* acting Procurement and Insurance Andrew Danks Property and Construction Nick Hunt Quarantine Infrastructure Delivery Andrew Jaggers Deputy Secretary - Business Enabling Services Clare Walsh Corporate Services Iain Scott Information and Communications Technology John Sheridan Ministerial and Parliamentary Services David De Silva Assurance Taskforce Vivianne Johnson