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Operating environment

As a central agency, Finance strives to deliver advice from a whole-of-government perspective in a complex and continually changing environment. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the operating environment of the Australian Public Service (APS), resulting in a renewed commitment to leverage digital collaboration platforms and strengthen partnerships to achieve shared results.

This includes ongoing efforts to embed discipline and rigour in policy and budget development processes, and promoting improved ways of working to benefit from lessons learned through the initial responses to COVID-19. The pandemic and recent natural disasters reinforce the continued imperative for agility and rapid advice to address health and economic challenges. Finance continues to look for ways to better leverage our data assets, modernise service delivery channels and embed both departmental and whole-of-government approaches to operating.

Finance’s longstanding role in providing policy advice to government and other entities has continued to respond to evolving challenges and extended periods of uncertainty. In this landscape, careful consideration of risk has helped drive lasting transformative change across the APS. Finance is committed to the ongoing enhancement of policy and practice related to building safe and respectful workplaces, and collaborating with partners across the APS and with other levels of government to achieve lasting reform.