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Appendix D - Staff Achievements

Secretary's Awards 2018

The following individuals and teams received Secretary‘s Awards in 2018.

Amkar Das. For building the Department’s organisation capability by developing the Government Network Services (GNSB) Network Design Team, through the tireless mentoring and development of its team members.

Karen Incher, Gareth Bollen, Carmen Richardson, Maria Mammoliti, Paramjit Kaur and Michael Navaratnam. For the provision of invaluable support and advice on accounting and budget management within BFR and across the APS.

Dean Fitzsimmons, Gary Tobin and Brett Thistleton. For excellence in collaboration, communication and engagement with stakeholders to ensure the successful delivery of COMCAR's ground transport services during the ASEAN–Australia Special Summit 2018.

Heather Millard, Doug Rutherford, Calandra Colman, Stephanie Streatfeild, Jacob Hermes, Diane Pirret, Brenda Turner, Belinda Apps, Natasha Clark, Brianna Cayirylys, Jade Power and Chrysanthe Psychogios. For outstanding collaboration in establishing and supporting the operation of the Secretaries APS Reform Committee.

Elizabeth Eaton. For outstanding dedication and sustained contribution to the Indigenous community inside and outside of Finance; and promoting the importance of identity, community and shared knowledge.

Ben Riley. For exemplifying APS leadership qualities through his role in the acquisition of Snowy Hydro Limited and the successful transitioning of the company to Commonwealth ownership.

Radovan Dragojlovic. For sustained excellence over many years in the development and effective delivery of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Tom Gladwin. A picture is worth a thousand words: infographics as briefing material in PCD.

Louise O’Rance. For demonstrating excellence in building the Government Business Analytic Unit, providing high-quality data analysis and enhancing the Department’s reputation for collaboration.

Damien Pratley, Max McConchie, Alif Rahman, Mitchel Boeg and Rajat Grover. For building a consistent, well-governed approach to process automation across government.

Lucelle Veneros. For leadership pivotal to transforming the Service Delivery Office, unlocking capacity, and achieving innovative initiatives to deliver better outcomes, experience and savings for government.

Australia Day Awards 2019

The following individuals and teams received an Australia Day Award in 2019.

Chi Tran. For transforming the way Finance engages with Chief Financial Officer (CFO) areas across the APS in relation to monthly financial reporting.

Jessica Wilson, Ashlee Livingstone, Kathleen Clisby, James Caesar and Priscilla Phommaly. For outstanding APS leadership and policy stewardship in the development of the GBE Intergovernmental Community of Practice, Company Secretaries Forum and Customised Education Program.

Hew Atkin. For outstanding leadership and support in developing innovative financing solutions for the Inland Rail project and Snowy Hydro.

Cleo Boutzios, Demo Bonu, Bianca Wu, Joseph Parisi, Jurgen Parsons and Lisa King. For their ongoing commitment to excellence in business continuity planning.

Steven Blazevski. For developing strong collaborative working relationships in the coordination of Finance’s Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

Kate Charlton, Angela di Pauli, Alistair O'Neill, Jade Power, Calan McKay, Eric Robson, Aaron McCreadie, Josh French, Brett Thomson, Liam Madge, Brian Nedic, Su Hong and Meena Bainbridge. For successful collaboration in preparing, producing and publishing Finance’s 2017–18 Annual Report including piloting the Digital Annual Reporting Tool—a Finance led whole-of-government initiative.

Richard Adams, Kelly Carn, Lucy Sheers, James Hague, Rach Lewis, Taylor McLeod and Ellena Buckman. For working collaboratively with Budget and Financial Reporting (BFR) Group and central agency colleagues to deliver high-quality Green Briefs (expenditure briefs) under intense pressure.

Cathryn Martin. For exceptional management in delivering and supporting the new Commonwealth Budget Management System infrastructure and providing leadership to whole-of-government IT initiatives.

Marcel Gabriel, Ellen Saunders, Michael Pronin and Joanne Ruyssenaers. For delivering an innovative whole-of-government digital collaboration service that enables new and improved ways of working together across the APS.

Amelia Dang. For ongoing commitment to excellence through the delivery of high-quality and timely contributions to the work of the Department, including the recent Policy Sprint.

Jane Wagner, Robert Whild, Michelle Dymowski, Emma Mortimer and Elise Paine. For continuously demonstrating stewardship and engaging constructively and collaboratively with key stakeholders, leading to the successful completion of significant Free Trade Agreements.

External awards

2018 Australasian Evaluation Society Awards for Excellence in Evaluation Brad Cook and Dave Morton
Awarded the Rosalind Hurworth prize for the paper Evaluators and the Enhanced Commonwealth Performance Framework.

2019 Australasian HR Institute Awards Career Starter Program, Department of Finance
The Susan Ryan Age Diversity category recognising excellence in age diversity initiatives and programs in the workplace.

2019 Australasian Reporting Awards Kate Charlton, Angela di Pauli and Jade Power
The Department of Finance Annual Report 2017–18 received a bronze award for the presentation, communication and navigation of the report website.