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Our people

A key achievement in Finance's ongoing transformation is highlighted in the APS Employee Census results, which show continued improvement in the Department’s employee engagement scores.

Finance has made a deliberate effort to make teams mobile, agile and capable, supporting staff to operate to the best of their abilities. Automation and digitisation is improving business processes enabling staff to focus less on transactional work and more on value adding and strategic activities.

APS Employee Census

This year, 94.4 per cent of Finance staff participated in the 2019 APS Employee Census, placing second for participation among large APS entities. This year’s participation was five percentage points higher than last year’s strong result. This gives me great confidence that the results provide a broad reflection of the views of Finance staff.

Finance’s 2019 Census results were positive. All our indicators are on par with, or better than, last year, and 99 per cent are on par with or better than the APS average—an improvement on our strong 2018 results. Importantly, the three areas we focused on following the 2018 Census Flexible Working, Risk Management and Diversity—all showed strong improvements. The results reflect that Finance staff are highly committed, capable and engaged and will form an important foundation for our corporate priorities in the 2019–20 year.

Communities @ Work

Giving back to the community is an important element of how Finance staff work. Over the past year, through fundraising events and activities, Finance contributed generously to the Department’s chosen charity, Communities @ Work, which provides services to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the Canberra community. Finance’s graduates have also collaborated to come up with innovative ideas to support Communities @ Work.

Financial performance

The Department remains in a sound financial position, operating within its appropriation. For 2018–19 the Department recorded an operating surplus of $16.5 million, mainly reflecting favourable gains in the Commonwealth’s domestic property portfolio.

More information about the Department’s financial performance can be found in Part 5, ‘Financial statements’.