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Finance Transformation

Finance strives to be a high-performing, modern, efficient and continuously improving public sector organisation—a transformative organisation that delivers government priorities more efficiently and effectively.

Finance recognises that the Department’s environment is characterised by change and it needs to anticipate and respond to the opportunities this presents. Finance has launched a Transformation Plan to guide its approach to reform, with four focus areas and three leadership expectations as shown below. It is supported by a 12‑month Action Plan that sets out practical initiatives to help deliver on the Department’s transformation objectives.

Figure 6: Transforming Finance

Through the 2018–19 Transformation Action Plan, Finance delivered a number of significant initiatives including:

  • establishing a Centre of Procurement Excellence to strengthen our stewardship role in enhancing procurement capability and productivity across the public sector
  • trialling a Digital Annual Reporting Tool to streamline the annual report drafting, editing and publishing process by enhancing workflows, supporting version control and enabling drafters to co-edit more seamlessly
  • successfully piloting a stakeholder relationship management program which was well received by staff and will continue to be delivered on an ongoing basis
  • rolling out the Shared Budget Workflow System to streamline components of the Budget process.

Finance has doubled the number of initiatives in the 2019–20 Transformation Action Plan—a commitment to innovation that is mirrored in Finance’s Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census results.

Consistent with Finance’s three leadership expectations, the Action Plan relies on all staff to drive improvement. Finance has actively engaged staff through a series of hackathons, opt-in and idea generation sessions that have been used to explore how to use data and digitisation more effectively, to build capability rapidly and to continue to support a flexible, diverse and mobile workforce.

The Transformation Plan and 12-month Action Plan are helping Finance to embed positive, enduring change and equipping Finance to respond to emerging opportunities. This transformation agenda will remain a priority for the Department.