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Finance executive

The Department of Finance is led by the Secretary, Rosemary Huxtable PSM, supported by four deputy secretaries, each with responsibility for one business area. Further information about the operations of the Executive Board is provided under ‘Corporate governance’. The Department’s organisational structure at 30 June 2019 is shown at Figure 2.

Secretary Rosemary Huxtable PSM

Rosemary Huxtable has led Finance since October 2016 and was appointed Secretary in February 2017. As Secretary, Rosemary is responsible for all functions and services delivered by the Department, including supporting the delivery of the Australian Government Budget, overseeing the financial framework of Australian Government agencies, providing shareholder oversight of GBEs and managing the Australian Government’s non-Defence domestic property portfolio, key asset sales and aspects of public sector modernisation.

Rosemary joined Finance in June 2013 as Deputy Secretary of Budget and Financial Reporting. Before that, Rosemary was a Deputy Secretary in the Department of Health and Ageing and was responsible for driving significant health and aged care reforms, particularly in the areas of Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, hospital financing, mental health and aged care.

Rosemary has worked extensively in the areas of budget management and health and community services across both public and private sectors, including working in ministerial offices and managing a private consulting business in Western Australia. Rosemary has more than 25 years experience in Commonwealth administration.

Rosemary received a Public Service Medal for her work on the Medicare program in 2005.

Deputy Secretary David Fredericks

David Fredericks was appointed Deputy Secretary of Budget and Financial Reporting in February 2017. He had previously been Deputy Secretary of Business Enabling Services in Finance. Before moving to Finance, David was a Deputy Secretary at the Attorney-General’s Department for more than four years, first in the Civil Justice and Legal Services Group and then as the Chief Operating Officer.

Budget and Financial Reporting

Budget and Financial Reporting provides policy and financial advice on government expenditure and non-taxation revenue matters to the Minister for Finance, other senior ministers and the Expenditure Review Committee of Cabinet.

Budget and Financial Reporting supports the Government in its preparation, delivery and ongoing management of the Budget and assists agencies in meeting their financial management and reporting obligations. It aims to ensure that the analysis, policy advice and costing information provided to government support informed decision making and that economic updates are delivered within timeframes and meet their legislative requirements.

Deputy Secretary Stein Helgeby

Dr Stein Helgeby was appointed Deputy Secretary of Governance and APS Transformation in October 2015. Dr Helgeby joined Finance in February 2010 as the Deputy Secretary of the former Financial Management Group. Before this, Stein worked in the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance where he was responsible for budget and financial management, long-term policy research, taxation, business tax reform and intergovernmental relations.

Governance and APS Transformation

Governance and APS Transformation develops policy and advises on the resource management and governance frameworks for public sector agencies, accounting policy, the Government’s investment funds and superannuation arrangements for members of Parliament and Commonwealth employees. It also advises on and coordinates government information and advertising campaigns.

Additionally, Governance and APS Transformation consolidates Budget updates, contributes to the preparation of the budget statements and prepares the Commonwealth’s monthly and annual consolidated financial statements. It also provides policy and program leadership on initiatives aimed at modernising and increasing the public sector’s productivity, including shared and common services for back-office functions and grants administration.

Deputy Secretary Andrew Jaggers

Andrew Jaggers was appointed Deputy Secretary of Commercial and Government Services in December 2018. He was previously the First Assistant Secretary of the Commercial Division in Finance. Before that he was the Executive Director of the Infrastructure Investment Division at the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Commercial and Government Services

Commercial and Government Services plays an important role in managing the Australian Government’s commercial interests with respect to property, government procurement, risk management and GBEs.

Commercial and Government Services works with agencies and entities across the Commonwealth to deliver value for money outcomes. It does this by managing the domestic non Defence property portfolio, including coordinating whole-of-government service delivery, providing data and analysis and supporting government decision-making. The Group develops and maintains the Australian Government's procurement policy framework and manages the Australian Government’s special claims, insurance and risk management operations. It also supports the analysis and delivery of government investment through GBEs and other entities.

Deputy Secretary Katherine Jones PSM

Katherine Jones was appointed Deputy Secretary of Business Enabling Services in Finance in October 2017. Prior to that Katherine was a Deputy Secretary in the Attorney-General’s Department, where she led the National Security, Criminal Justice and Emergency Management Group. In 2017, Katherine received a Public Service Medal for her outstanding contribution in this role.

Before joining the public service in 1999, Katherine spent 10 years as a publisher at McGraw Hill.

Business Enabling Services

The Business Enabling Services Group delivers services and support to Finance, whole-of government information technology systems and platforms, service delivery to client agencies through the Service Delivery Office and a range of services and support to parliamentarians and their staff through the Ministerial and Parliamentary Services Division.