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Operating environment

As a central agency, Finance delivers advice from a whole-of-government perspective in a challenging, complex and continually changing operating environment. Our role is to assist government decision-making, particularly in contributing to fiscal and policy objectives. We do this by being informed and connected through our internal and external relationships.

We need to take account of the many diverse issues that impact on our operating
environment, which include:

  • global and regional economic and strategic shifts
  • Australia’s changing demographics and population pressures
  • the demand for infrastructure to support domestic economic growth and trade
  • increasing demands and expectations on government, in particular for citizen-focused service delivery and improved social services
  • meeting the Government’s fiscal policy objectives
  • rapidly advancing technology
  • policy debates subject to political and public opinion.

Finance is also responsible for the delivery of services in a time when rapidly evolving technology and client expectations require the application of leading edge digital services to deliver efficient, modern, customer-friendly processes. This applies equally in the design and delivery of business processes by Finance as the Department continues to look for opportunities to reduce the administrative impact of its policies across government.

These factors present opportunities for the Department to provide innovative solutions and services, balancing policy and financial priorities to assist government in achieving its outcomes.