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Table of Contents


Departmental Primary Statements

Statement of Comprehensive Income

Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Changes In Equity

Cash Flow Statement

Administered Primary Statements

Administered Schedule of Comprehensive Income

Administered Schedule of Assets and Liabilities

Administered Reconciliation Schedule

Administered Cash Flow Statement

Notes to the financial statements

A. About This Report

B. Budgetary Variance Reporting

C. General Business Disclosures

D. Operating Resources

E. Our People

C1 : General insurance activities

D1 : Financial instruments

E1 : Employee benefits

C2 : Investment funds

D2 : Managing financial risk

E2 : Key management personnel remuneration

C3 : Superannuation

D3 : Non-financial assets

E3 : Related parties

C4 : Restructuring

D4 : Other provisions

F. Funding

G. Managing Other Uncertainties

H. Other Information

F1 : Annual appropriations

G1 : Commitments

H1 : Investments in joint ventures

F2 : Special appropriations

G2 : Contingencies

H2 : Other policy and disclosures

F3 : Special accounts

G3 : Subsequent events