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Workforce planning

Workforce planning is a key component of the department‘s integrated business planning process, aligned to the budget process and prioritising our work through strategic reviews. Our integrated business planning process helps us make well-informed decisions around prioritising projects and activities and allocating resources accordingly (see ‘Corporate governance’ on page 58).

Our workforce planning assists us to understand our current, and shape our future, workforce to respond to emerging government priorities in a changing environment. We consult across the organisation, and beyond, to ensure we have a workforce to meet business outcomes now and into the future. The department‘s workforce plan is refreshed annually to reflect Finance’s current workforce priorities.

Achieving our optimal workforce

There are four key strategy areas within the department’s workforce plan, which outlines how the department will achieve its optimal workforce. Within each of these strategy areas are a range of initiatives to address identified workforce gaps, known as the ‘four Bs’ (see Figure 6).

Figure 6: Finance's workforce planning approach