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Finance Transformation

Finance is leading public sector transformation and is committed to improving the way the department works to deliver government priorities. Building a highly capable and committed workforce that is flexible and able to work in complex policy areas is central to meeting this commitment.

Our people remain Finance’s greatest strength. We are committed to the ongoing development of our workforce to ensure we are best placed to achieve our purpose and to further strengthen the skills, capability and leadership of our people to support the complex challenges we face. Finance is committed to increasing internal capability and increasing collaboration and innovation.

Finance is benefiting from our own internal transformation, which is seeing us become a more agile organisation that is able to adapt and respond quickly to changing priorities, risks and challenges.

Our transformation focuses on four key areas of people, stewardship, making business better and integrated business planning (see Figure 5).

The experience we are gaining from this internal transformation process is contributing to our leadership role in driving transformation across the whole of the Australian Public Service (APS).

We have engaged staff through a series of opt-in sessions where we have explored initiatives to inform our transformation plan, focused on building a culture that is always looking for opportunities to enhance productivity and improve how we deliver, engage with stakeholders, build capability, use data and technology, and support our people.

Figure 5: Transforming Finance