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Role and functions

As a central agency of the Australian Government, the Department of Finance (Finance) plays a key role in assisting the government to shape and deliver its priorities, particularly to ensure public expenditure programs are sustainable and reflect best value to government and the Australian community.

Throughout 2017–18, Finance delivered an array of support and services, including:

  • providing policy and financial advice to the Minister for Finance, senior ministers and Cabinet’s Expenditure Review Committee on government expenditure
  • supporting the government in its budget preparation, delivery and ongoing management through the budget process
  • advising on strategic priorities, such as advancing public sector reform through the Public Service Modernisation Fund
  • fostering leading public sector practice through the public sector resource management, governance and accountability frameworks
  • providing advice to the government on optimal arrangements for the management and ownership of public assets, including the sale of assets
  • administering the government’s general insurance fund, investment funds and superannuation schemes
  • managing the government’s shareholdings in a number of government business enterprises and other public non-financial corporations
  • providing a range of facilities and services to parliamentarians, their staff and former Senators and Members
  • delivering whole-of-government information and communications technology services
  • developing and maintaining the Australian Government’s procurement policy framework
  • managing the Australian Government’s special claims, insurance and risk management operations
  • administering discretionary compensation mechanisms.