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Operating environment

As a central agency, Finance strives to deliver advice from a whole-of-government perspective in a complex and continually changing environment. In particular, Finance’s ability to look broadly at policy proposals, distil key information from a range of stakeholders, assess impacts and risks, and provide high-quality advice is key to informing the government’s decision-making processes.

The environment in which Finance operates is uncertain. Our role is to assist government decision-making, particularly to support meeting fiscal and policy objectives. This occurs in an evolving environment where many factors impact this advice, including:

  • the growing demands on government
  • Australia’s changing demographics
  • shifting relationships between citizens and governments at all levels
  • evolving and advancing technology
  • meeting the government’s fiscal policy objectives
  • policy debates subject to strong political and public opinion.

While challenging, these factors create opportunities for Finance to provide innovative solutions, balancing policy and financial priorities to assist government in achieving its objectives.