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Digital transformation agenda

The range of digital services expanded during the year to meet the needs of job seekers, employers, employees, businesses and the public. This integrated suite of whole-of-government digital services is now used by over one million registered job seekers.

The Online Employment Services Trial commenced on 1 July 2018. Over 10,000 job seekers have commenced in the trial and are self-servicing instead of visiting an employment services provider.

The New Employment Services Trial will begin on 1 July 2019 and will test elements of a future employment model. Existing jobactive providers in two employment regions will deliver an enhanced services model, focusing on the most disadvantaged and vulnerable job seekers and providing a more intensive and tailored service. The more work ready job seekers in the selected regions will participate in the Digital First service, receiving all their servicing through a digital platform. Job seekers in the Digital Plus service will also self-serve but will also have access to additional services where required.

Job seekers can now view more of their details online and update information to help target the services they receive. A range of online features help job seekers meet their reporting requirements under the Targeted Compliance Framework.