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The Evaluation, Research and Evidence Framework 2015–2020

The Evaluation, Research and Evidence Framework 2015–2020 sets out how we are strengthening our evidence base and making sure that the right evidence and insights are available to inform policy and program decisions.

Achievements under the framework in 2018–19 include:

  • supporting research activities, including projects examining job seeker characteristics and motivations, the Fair Entitlements Guarantee, and the experiences and employment outcomes of retrenched workers
  • ensuring research and evaluation informs policy and program development, including through disseminating evaluation and research reports. Examples of publications include the relocation to Take up a Job Evaluation, the Job Commitment Bonus Evaluation, and the ParentsNext 2016–18 Evaluation. This ensures our work informs the broader policy and service delivery context
  • managing the Research and Evaluation Services panel to support the work of the department and other Australian Government agencies. At 30 June 2019, panel members had been engaged for 438 projects, 123 of which have been undertaken by the department.