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Our purpose, outcomes and programs


Maximising opportunity and prosperity through national leadership on education and training.

Outcome 1

Quality early learning and schooling

Improved early learning, schooling, student educational outcomes and transitions to and from school through access to quality child care, support, parent engagement, quality teaching and learning environments.

Outcome 2 1

World-class tertiary education, training and research

Promote growth in economic productivity and social wellbeing through access to quality higher education, international education, and international quality research, skills and training.

Programs under Outcome 1 are:

1.1 – Support for the Child Care System

1.2 – Child Care Benefit

1.3 – Child Care Rebate

1.4 – Child Care Subsidy

1.5 – Government Schools National Support

1.6 – Non-Government Schools National Support

1.7 – Early Learning and Schools Support

Programs under Outcome 2 are:

2.1 – Commonwealth Grant Scheme

2.2 – Higher Education Superannuation Program

2.3 – Higher Education Support

2.4 – Higher Education Loan Program

2.5 – Investment in Higher Education Research

2.6 – Research Capacity

2.7 – International Education Support

2.8 – Building Skills and Capability

Note: Program names and numbers are as published in the Education and Training Portfolio Budget Statements 2018–19. Program names and numbers used in the performance statements reflect this. The cessation of Program 1.2: Child Care Benefit and Program 1.3: Child Care Rebate and the renumbering of Outcome 1 programs was reflected in the Education and Training Portfolio Budget Statements 2019–20.

1 Under the Administrative Arrangements Order of 29 May 2019, responsibility for skills and vocational education under Outcome 2 was transferred to the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.