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Our departmental structure

Visual representation of departmental structure (includes portraits of Secretary and Deputy Secretaries).

Dr Michele Bruniges AM SECRETARY

The Secretary and Accountable Authority of the Department of Education is Dr Michele Bruniges AM. The department contained five clusters each headed by a Deputy Secretary. Each Cluster is made up of a number of groups, and each group a number of branches.

Corporate Strategy Cluster (Marcus Markovic Deputy Secretary)
Finance, Technology and Business Services Group
  • Finance and Business Services Branch
  • Budget, Planning and Performance Branch
  • Digital and Business Transformation Branch
People, Parliamentary and Communication Group
  • People, Culture and Capability Branch
  • Communication Branch
  • Enterprise Risk and Strategy Branch
  • Parliamentary and Governance Branch
Legal branches (report to Deputy Secretary Corporate Strategy)
  • Tertiary, Skills, Litigation and Legislation Legal Branch
  • Schools, Child Care and Corporate Legal Branch
Early Childhood and Child Care Cluster (Jackie Wilson Deputy Secretary)
Payment Policy and Engagement Group
  • Information and Engagement Branch
  • Approvals and Relationships Branch
  • Payment Policy Branch
Payment Integrity Group
  • Child Care Integrity Branch
  • Child Care Framework and Strategy Branch
  • Modelling, Data and Finance Branch
Early Learning Policy and Network Group
  • Community and Indigenous Child Care Branch
  • Preschool and Inclusion Support Branch
  • Early Childhood Policy and Quality Branch
  • State Network Branch
Schools and Youth Cluster (Alex Gordon Deputy Secretary)
National Policy and Data Reform
  • National School Reform Branch
  • Assessment and USI Branch
  • Evidence and Analysis Branch
Funding and Data Collection Group
  • School Funding Branch
  • School Assurance Branch
  • Payments and Collections Branch
Improving Student Outcomes Group
  • Curriculum and Student Learning Branch
  • Student Participation Branch
  • Teaching and School Leadership Branch
  • National School Resourcing Board
Higher Education, Research and International Cluster (David Learmonth Deputy Secretary)
Strategy and Data Group
  • Market Analysis and Data Branch
  • Data Analytics Branch
  • Strategic Policy Branch
International Group
  • Quality Frameworks Branch
  • Access Branch
  • Partnerships Branch
Higher Education Group
  • Funding and Students Branch
  • Governance, Quality and Access Branch
  • HELP and Provider Integrity Branch
  • Tertiary Policy Branch
  • Research Policy and Programs Branch
Statutory officers
  • Tuition Protection Service Director
Skills and Training Cluster (Nadine Williams Deputy Secretary)

Note: Under the Administrative Arrangements Order of 29 May 2019, responsibility for skills and vocational education was transferred to the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.

Apprenticeships and Workforce Skills Group
  • Foundation Skills Branch
  • Workforce and Apprenticeships Services Branch
  • Workforce and Apprenticeships Industry Branch
VET Quality and Policy Group
  • VET Quality and Regulation Branch
  • Industry Advice Branch
VSL, VET Compliance and TRA Group
  • VET Student Loans Branch
  • Skills Programs Compliance Branch
  • Tuition Assurance Branch
  • Taskforce and TRA Branch
VET Reform Group
  • VET Policy Branch
  • VET Market Information Branch
Statutory officers
  • Unique Student Identifier Registrar