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Information and communications technology

The Executive Board endorsed the Department of Education and Training Technology Strategy 2017–2022 in September 2017. The strategy outlines the planned transformation of the department’s technology services and systems.

The strategy sets a direction for providing technology solutions that are modular, less complex, easier to maintain, and more responsive in addressing business needs. Importantly, the strategy outlines our approach for major business transformation projects in the department and sets a new course for the department’s technology services by building upon our technology capabilities.

The strategy is underpinned by five principles that guide the department’s technology decisions:

  • Principle 1: Enterprise-based technology decisions
  • Principle 2: Strategic technology platforms
  • Principle 3: Information as an enterprise asset
  • Principle 4: Security by design
  • Principle 5: Human-centred design.

In addition to the principles, the strategy highlights four key priority areas for:

  • enabling business transformation (e.g. National Education Evidence Base)
  • delivering enterprise technology capability (e.g. Integrated Technology Services Platform)
  • organising ourselves for success
  • investing in our people.