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Information and communications technology (ICT))

The department’s technology capability is delivered by an infrastructure and services division, and an applications development division. Technology investment is governed by the Investment and Implementation Committee which is supported by the Information and Technology Subcommittee.

The Technology and Services Division is managed by the CIO and provides ICT infrastructure, end-user computing, and support functions. The Digital Services Division is managed by the Chief Digital Officer and develops and enhances a range of education, employment and skills applications. The divisions work together to provide ICT solutions that support effective delivery of the department’s programs.

The department also provides ICT services to other Australian Government agencies, including desktop and mobile computing support, application and website hosting services, and a security classified, PROTECTED environment under memorandum of understandings.

In response to COVID-19, the department supported more than 3,500 individuals to work from home. To improve remote working, new collaboration and call centre technology was deployed so employees could continue to support the delivery of our programs. The department also implemented multiple system changes to support the Australian Government’s COVID-19 stimulus responses, and other measures to support job seekers, apprentices and employers.

Both technology divisions are responsible for maintaining the department’s cyber security maturity. The department’s cyber security capability is focused on maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in accordance with the Protective Security Policy Framework and Information Security Manual. The security and integrity of our ICT systems and data holdings is a key priority.

The department will update its ICT strategy in 2020–21 to reflect the Machinery of Government changes in February 2020. The updated strategy will mandate technology solutions that are modular, less complex, and more responsive to business requirements. It will also support major business transformation projects and build our technology capabilities.

The department is also transitioning systems to cloud computing where it is cost effective and appropriate, and is working with our users to co-design and enhance online services, modernise technology and build our data and analytics capability.