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Annual performance statements overview

The annual performance statements for 2019–20 provide an assessment of Defence’s performance in achieving our purpose by reporting on the performance measures and criteria set out in the 2019–20 Defence Corporate Plan and the performance criteria listed in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2019–20 (PBS) and the Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2019–20 (PAES). In 2019–20 the purpose is directly aligned to the Defence outcomes in the PBS.

To enhance readability of the annual performance statements, the performance criteria are organised around the purpose described in the 2019–20 Defence Corporate Plan:

Purpose: Defence and protect Australia and its strategic interests.

Outcome statements describe what the Government requires Defence to achieve using resources allocated through the Commonwealth budget process. In 2019–20 Defence had two outcome statements:

Outcome 1: Defend Australia and its national interests through the conduct of operations and provision of support for the Australian community and civilian authorities in accordance with Government direction.

Outcome 2: Protect and advance Australia’s strategic interests through the provision of strategic policy, the development, delivery and sustainment of military, intelligence and enabling capabilities, and the promotion of regional and global security as directed by Government.

The purpose of Defence’s enterprise performance management is to ensure alignment between Government direction, strategy, funding and capability so that the purpose of Defence is achieved.

The aim is to provide a clear line of sight between:

  • the Corporate Plan (purpose, activities and performance criteria)
  • the PBS (allocation of resources to programs to achieve Government outcomes and a forecast of expected performance)
  • the annual performance statements in Defence’s Annual Report (actual performance results for the financial year against the Corporate Plan and the PBS)
  • the financial statements in Defence’s Annual Report (provided at Appendix A).

Defence is continuing to develop a mature approach to performance reporting that enables improved traceability in demonstrating our achievement of Government outcomes in accordance with the requirements of the PGPA Act. Figure 3.1 demonstrates the relationship of the annual performance statements with the other elements of the Defence enterprise performance management structure.

Figure 3.1 shows the relationship between the annual performance statements with other elements of the Defence enterprise performance management structure. The other elements are the Defence Corporate Plan, Portfolio Budget Statements and Defence Annual Report, which includes the Annual Performance Statemets.
Figure 3.1: Defence enterprise performance management

Defence’s annual performance statements provide an assessment of actual performance in achieving Defence’s purpose. This includes analysis against each performance criterion, using the key:

  • Achieved—the intended result was achieved as planned
  • Partially achieved—the intended result was not fully achieved during the reporting period.

Note: Due to national security considerations, not all targets are available to be published.