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Omissions and errors

The Defence Annual Report 2018–19 contained the following errors:

Table 6.15: APS Executive Level employees and below, by gender and classification, as at 30 June 2019 (page 95)

The 2018–19 separation details by gender were entered in the wrong columns. A data transfer error occurred with the 'Men' and 'Women' separation figures being entered in the wrong columns. Correct separation totals should have been 1,067 men and 752 women.

Table B.30: APS Permanent Australian Defence Force salary ranges by rank, 2018–19 (page 248)

Table B.30 reported the salary ranges for the ranks of Lieutenant General (E), Major General (E), Brigadier (E) and Colonel (E) twice.

Defence Diversity—Women (page 114)

Representation of women on Defence boards was reported as 48 per cent. The correct representation was

44.9 per cent.

Figure 6.1 — Indigenous Participation (page 116)

Indigenous participation in ADF Reserves as at 01 Jul 2019 was represented as 369 in Figure 6.1. The correct total was 639 as indicated in Table 6.27 (page 115).