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Outcomes and programs

Defence’s annual Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) detail the outcomes and program structures for the Defence portfolio. Within this framework, the outcome is the intended result, impact or consequence of our actions. We work towards achieving our outcomes through undertaking activities and delivering results for each program.

Figure 2.1 shows Defence’s purpose. Underpinning this purpose are two outcomes for 2019–20, together with the related programs. The PBS describes the performance criteria and targets to be used in assessing and monitoring the performance of Defence in achieving government outcomes.

Figure 2.1: Defence’s outcomes and programs, 2019–20


Outcome statement

Budget program

Defend and protect Australia and advance its strategic interests.

Outcome 1: Defend Australia and its national interests through the conduct of operations and provision of support for the Australian community and civilian authorities in accordance with Government direction.

1.1 Operations Contributing to the Safety of the Immediate Neighbourhood

1.2 Operations Supporting Wider Interests

1.3 Defence Contribution to National Support Tasks in Australia

Outcome 2: Protect and advance Australia’s strategic interests through the provision of strategic policy, the development, delivery and sustainment of military, intelligence and enabling capabilities, and the promotion of regional and global security and stability as directed by Government.


2.1 Strategic Policy and Intelligence

2.2 Defence Executive Support

2.3 Defence Finance

2.4 Joint Capabilities

2.5 Navy Capabilities

2.6 Army Capabilities

2.7 Air Force Capabilities

2.8 Australian Defence Force Headquarters

2.9 Capability Acquisition and Sustainment

2.10 Estate and Infrastructure

2.11 Chief Information Officer

2.12 Defence People

2.13 Defence Science and Technology


2.14 Defence Force Superannuation Benefits

2.15 Defence Force Superannuation Nominal Interest

2.16 Housing Assistance

2.17 Other Administered