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Appendix 4 Report on the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

The following information on our environmental management activities is provided in accordance with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

We recognise the importance of the five principles of ecologically sustainable development (integration, precaution, intergeneration, biodiversity and valuation) and, given the nature of our work, especially focus on the principles of intergeneration and integration. This is demonstrated through our decision‑making processes, which always consider both short‑term and long‑term impacts.

The department is about to commence its third year in the Nishi building in New Acton. This building takes a progressive approach to achieving world-class environmental performance and has provided an opportunity for us to build on our previous commitment to continuing and improving environmental performance through the following initiatives.

  • The building has dedicated secure recycling for the collection of paper, glass, plastic, metal and organic waste which, along with centralised collection points, allows for an increased uptake of recycling and organic waste disposal options and reduction in environmental footprint.
  • Lighting is designed to comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1680 and workstation lamps using LED technology.
  • The building follows best practice in the use of paints, adhesives and materials with low volatile organic compound components in the construction and fitout, including at individual workstations.
  • The open-plan floor design maximises access to natural light and views, with most workstations within eight metres of a window, as per Green Building Council criteria.
  • The smart building technology includes a ‘night purge’ of air from the building, which operates in response to outdoor temperatures and removes warm air in summer.
  • Carbon dioxide monitors improve the accuracy of readings and the performance of air-conditioning across floors.

In February 2019, our tenancy in this building received a rating under the National Australian Built Environment Rating System of 5.0 stars. Opportunities for further improvement will continue to be identified and progressed in consultation with building management and our sub-tenant, Austrade.