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Background on our revised corporate plan and new measures

During the 2018–19 reporting period, we updated our activity-based performance criteria to better align with the enhanced Commonwealth performance framework. To achieve complete performance information, we have qualitative and quantitative measures, effectiveness and efficiency measures, and short/medium/long-term measures. These statements address both our activity-based performance measures set out in our 2018–19 PBS and our updated measures set out in our revised 2018–19 Corporate Plan.

The practical considerations behind our updated performance measures were guided by Resource Management Guide No. 131: Developing Good Performance Information.


We perform our role, work to achieve our purposes, and deliver results through the following:

  • Strategic advice and policy development — providing government with the best options and policy advice on issues relating to communications and the arts, including the delivery of services to regional Australia. Our advice is evidence-based and is informed by research, stakeholder consultation and critical analysis of sectoral developments and market trends.
  • Effective program and grants management — delivering efficient and effective programs, grants and services to achieve the government’s policy outcomes. We adhere to the highest standards of public administration.
  • Regulatory management — administering portfolio legislation efficiently and effectively. We review and shape regulatory frameworks and we assist our portfolio ministers to fulfil their parliamentary obligations.
  • Collaborative stakeholder engagement — working with portfolio entities, federal, state and international governments, international organisations, industry, research institutions and the community to generate innovative advice and make sure the advice and services the department delivers are effective and meet the needs of the community. We engage proactively with our stakeholders with a clear understanding of their issues and challenges and we value diverse perspectives and ideas.