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The corporate plan sets out our purpose, the activities we will undertake to achieve that purpose and how we will measure our performance.

The annual performance statements report the actual results in a given reporting year and analyse the factors that contributed to the results.

Our purpose

We work with national and international governments and industry to grow the value of agricultural trade and reduce risk to the agricultural sector.

Our outcomes

Under the Portfolio Budget Statements 2018–19 (PBS), we have 3 outcomes:

  1. More sustainable, productive, internationally competitive and profitable Australian agricultural, food and fibre industries through policies and initiatives that promote better resource management practices, innovation, self-reliance and improved access to international markets.
  2. Safeguard Australia’s animal and plant health status to maintain overseas markets and protect the economy and environment from the impact of exotic pests and diseases, through risk assessment, inspection and certification, and the implementation of emergency response arrangements for Australian agricultural, food and fibre industries.
  3. Improve the health of rivers and freshwater ecosystems and water use efficiency through implementing water reforms and ensuring enhanced sustainability, efficiency and productivity in the management and use of water resources.

Our objectives and programs

We have 3 strategic objectives to deliver our purpose. Table 2 shows which PBS programs contribute to these objectives.

Table 2 Department of Agriculture objectives, by program



Increase, improve and maintain markets

Encourage agricultural productivity

Support sustainable,
high-quality natural resources

1.1 Agricultural Adaptation

1.2 Sustainable

1.3 Forest Industry

1.4 Fishing Industry

1.5 Horticulture Industry

1.6 Wool Industry

1.7 Grains Industry

1.8 Dairy Industry

1.9 Meat and Livestock

1.10 Agricultural Resources

1.11 Drought Programs

1.12 Rural Programs

1.13 International Market

2.1 Biosecurity and Export

2.2 Plant and Animal

3.1 Water Reform