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List of figures

Figure no.

Figure title

Figure 1

Our people on 30 June 2021

Figure 2

Our purpose and objectives, 2020–21

Figure 3

Our structure on 30 June 2021

Figure 4

Our portfolio, 2020–21

Figure 5

Value of exports in real terms

Figure 6

Levy administration costs as a percentage of levy disbursed over 5 years

Figure 7

National compliance program levy coverage over 5 years

Figure 8

Timeliness of key decisions under EPBC Act

Figure 9

Backlog of key decisions since December 2019

Figure 10

International institutions in the Australian Antarctic Program over past 5 years

Figure 11

Papers published in peer-reviewed journals over past 5 years

Figure 12

Own-source revenue

Figure 13

Revenue from contracts with customers, by cost recovery activity

Figure 14

Departmental expenses

Figure 15

Cost-recovery reserve balances at 30 June 2021

Figure 16

Physical and transitional climate change risks

Figure 17

Active research projects by year, 2020–21