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Services to Defence

Defence is responsible for determining pay conditions for ADF members, including their entitlement to subsidised housing. We administer Defence housing policy and provide housing solutions and related services to ADF members in accordance with our Services Agreement with Defence. In doing so, we contribute to ADF capability and operational goals.

Housing solutions

ADF members who do not own a suitable home in their posting location may be eligible for housing assistance. The type of accommodation a member is eligible for depends on their policy categorisation, rank, number of dependants, age and gender of dependants and their posting location.

Member with Dependants housing

Each year the Department of Defence provides us with a housing forecast known as the Defence Housing Forecast (DHF), which details the number of Members with Dependants (MWD) requiring housing for the next five years by location. The DHF includes MWD housed in service residences and those occupying private rental accommodation. Service residences provided by DHA are classified by market rent.

Based on the DHF, DHA prepares a three year provisioning plan. We plan to meet approximately 90 per cent of the total DHF. The remainder of ADF members rent accommodation privately and receive rent allowance administered by DHA on behalf of Defence or reside in their own home. Once negotiations are complete and Defence accepts the provisioning plan it is incorporated into our Corporate Plan. Under contractual arrangements with Defence, our target is to meet 99 per cent of the agreed MWD provisioning plan.

Figure 2.7: Annual provisioning planning cycle

Member Choice Accommodation

Member Choice Accommodation (MCA) is designed for Members without Dependants (MWOD) as an alternative to finding housing through the private rental market. Unlike MWD housing, Defence does not provide us with a forecast of the number of MCA properties it requires. Defence nominates priority locations for MCA housing and a minimum number of properties in the priority locations for us to provision.

We use this information to develop a provisioning plan which sets out the proportion of MCA housing we can supply. It takes into account properties we own, lease and intend to add to our portfolio. Defence reviews the plan annually.

Rent allowance

When an eligible ADF member cannot be provided with service accommodation, they and their family (if applicable) may be entitled to rent through the private rental market and receive rent allowance.

ADF members are responsible for finding the accommodation but must engage with DHA (on behalf of Defence) to seek rent allowance approval. DHA administers the rent allowance process on behalf of Defence.

Living in Accommodation

We manage the online booking system for approximately 34,500 Defence owned and maintained beds across 53 Defence bases and establishments. Living in Accommodation (LIA) caters for ADF members, reservists and Defence employees who require permanent, transit, temporary and course accommodation to fulfil Defence’s operational needs.

Refer to Housing portfolio for more information about our housing portfolio, housing solutions, MWD and MCA provisioning in 2019–20.

Related services

Property and tenancy management

We ensure there is a range of suitable properties in key locations to meet the housing needs of ADF members and their families. From the moment an ADF member receives their posting order, we provide information and support to assist them to find a home that best suits their needs in their posting location. We welcome members into their new home and conduct inspections to ensure the properties are well managed.

We manage external contractors who undertake all property maintenance. By using appropriate contractors, we offer prompt, quality service while supporting local and regional economies.

Property upgrades

On behalf of Defence, we coordinate upgrades of Defence owned properties on base and in regional and remote areas of Australia. Modernising the properties provides an appropriate standard of living to ADF members and their families who occupy the properties, and extends the life span of the properties by 10–15 years.

Commonwealth Heritage Listed properties

On behalf of Defence, we manage and conserve 61 Commonwealth Heritage Listed (CHL) properties at ADF bases and establishments across Australia in accordance with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). We also own 16 CHL properties and two CHL development sites. There are a further three development sites on the DHA Heritage Register. These properties are an important piece of Australia’s history, as well as the history of the ADF defending our nation. We plan and undertake conservation activities in accordance with the EPBC Act, a heritage management framework and DHA Heritage Strategy.