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Information management and systems

We are committed to improving our information governance and service delivery through the use of technology and making our information and online services accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of ability.

Enterprise systems

We are maximising investor (landlord) and member engagement by expanding and enhancing digital channels. We are supporting Defence with the implementation of Posting Connect, which allows members to access Defence, Toll and DHA in a single platform for all post-in and post-out activities. Posting Connect is expected to become available in 2020–21 and we will continue to work with Defence to ensure exceptional member experiences.

We have completed the migration of key processes and data from a legacy property management system into our whole of business enterprise platform for asset management. As part of our technology strategy, we are maximising current investments by transitioning business functionalities, such as procurement, travel, accounts payable and financial delegations, into our financial management information system.

Staff remote working capability

In 2019–20, we brought forward planned upgrades to our remote working technology capability to ensure staff have all the tools they need to work remotely, particularly in response to COVID-19. We enabled a seamless transition from office based to home based work for 90 per cent of staff.

Our remote working technology capability has been further supported through a rigorous cyber program, including staff awareness training and a range of projects aimed at strengthening our security posture.

Information security governance

In 2019–20, the Board approved an Information Security Policy Governance Framework, which defines a policy based governance process to ensure the relevance and currency of our information security policies and supporting documentation. We have developed and begun operationalising a suite of information security policies to model our approach to information security on the Australian Government’s Information Security Manual.

This framework forms part of DHA’s Cyber Security Program, which focuses on building maturity across the Australian Signals Directorate Essential Eight controls.