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Progress against the CRDC Strategic RD&E Plan 18–23: Our Annual Performance Statement

The 2019–20 year marked the second year under the CRDC Strategic RD&E Plan 2018–23. This plan provides an ambitious roadmap for our 2018–23 investments: through this plan, we aim to contribute to creating $2 billion in additional gross value of cotton production for the benefit of Australian cotton growers and the wider community.

Progress towards this goal has been tempered by the continued dry conditions during the strategic plan period, and the challenges associated with COVID-19, but we remain optimistic about the future of the cotton industry and focused on maximising the benefits to growers and the community.

The strategic RD&E investments that CRDC made in 2019- 20 under this plan are helping to continue to drive the Australian cotton industry towards a future of innovation, increased commercialisation and digital transformation.

In 2019–20, Australian cotton growers and the Australian Government co-invested $20.0 million through CRDC into cotton RD&E, across 234 projects and in collaboration with 99 research partners.

The investments were made in the five key areas identified in the Strategic RD&E Plan:

  • increasing productivity and profitability on Australian cotton farms
  • improving cotton farming sustainability and value chain competitiveness
  • building the adaptive capacity of the Australian cotton industry
  • strengthening partnerships and adoption
  • driving RD&E impact.

This Annual Report outlines progress against these areas in the 2019–20 year.

Our progress is measured, and performance analysed, through evaluation techniques outlined in the CRDC Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and targets set in the Strategic Plan. The green, amber and red traffic light system is used to track overall performance against the CRDC Strategic Plan.

  • Green - The specific measure has been achieved.
  • Amber - On target to deliver against the measure.
  • Red - Not on target to deliver against the measure.

Further details about our performance aligned with the Strategic Plan and our key focus areas are outlined in Section 4: RD&E Portfolio.

 Increased productivity and profitability on cotton farms - not on target. Improve cotton farming sustainability and value chain competitiveness - on target. Build adaptive capacity of the cotton industry - on target. Strengthening partnerships and adoption - on target. Driving RD&E impact - on target.