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Help for our customers by phone, email and self-service

By phone

In 2019–20, we answered more than 269,700 phone calls from our customers.

Customers contacted us for help with many general superannuation matters ranging from superannuation benefits, benefit options and taxation of superannuation, to advising us of changes to their email address, postal address and other personal information.

We experienced an increase in enquiries across all customer contact channels in the final quarter of the year. This was due to the changed economic conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Government allowing up to $10,000 to be accessed by an early release from superannuation accounts.

More than 94% of customers told us they were very satisfied with the experience of speaking with a CSC Customer Information Representative on the phone.

By email

Customers also requested general information about superannuation via email. In 2019–20, we replied to almost 116,800 emails from our customers.

By self-service

Customers also took advantage of a range of self-service functions. In 2019–20, customers completed 14,875 self-service transactions through our phone system and another 1.46m transactions through our secure online sites.

Customer complaints

The total number of complaints received in 2019–20 was 607, compared to 461 in the previous financial year. More information about customer complaints can be found in Section 7 of this report.

Throughout the course of this financial year, we delivered an easier way of gaining feedback from customers. This enabled people to raise complaints and contributed to an overall increase in this engagement.