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Our services to customers

We are committed to the future wealth of our customers. Our commitment is embedded in our brand. We aim to be ‘the guide’ for our customers. In addition to the core administration of our customers’ superannuation savings, we provide a range of services to help our customers achieve the retirement outcomes they seek.

These other services include:

  • one-on-one and group seminars covering a range of superannuation topics, tailored to each of our superannuation schemes
  • financial planning services which are provided on a fee-for-service basis—each of our financial planners is independently certified by our financial planning partner, Guideway
  • general support and advice via our customer contact channels (phone, email, social media and in person)
  • dedicated service teams to support employers in their management of contributory customers
  • a dedicated team to provide service to customers when a customer passes away.

We recognise that our customers’ needs and expectations are constantly changing and we must continually change and adapt our service model and how we communicate, to ensure we stay relevant and of value to our customers.

Customer feedback

We are committed to listening to our customers’ feedback. We capture and respond to feedback through a Net Promoter System (NPS).

Each month we survey one-twelfth of our customers on their CSC experiences. The first survey question is: How likely would you be to recommend your CSC scheme to a friend or family member? The information gathered in these surveys is used to:

  • improve our customer-facing teams’ engagement with customers
  • prioritise improvement initiatives and investments.

How did we perform?

Table 4. CSC’s service performance: criteria and results

Performance criteria


Adequate satisfaction levels of customers, beneficiaries and employers with the service provided. (SOURCE: CSC’s 2019–20 Corporate Plan, p. 5; 2019–20 Portfolio Budget Statements, p. 101)

Not Achieved: Across all customers the NPS score fell 9 points.

Customer satisfaction

Our June 2020 NPS score was -10, a decrease of 9 points from our score in June 2019. However, the change in score is largely attributable to a change in survey design. We baselined our results at the start of the financial year, with a new baseline of -12.

The survey was re-designed to make sure we were making it easier for our customers to tell us the things that were important to them. This increased the quality of response, but also made it easier for our more dissatisfied customers to respond. We saw a higher percentage of responses from our preserved customers than in previous years, who are typically more dissatisfied with our service due to restrictive scheme legislation.

We have seen our scores impacted by COVID-19 – we see our customers are feeling less confident about their financial futures and the impact of declining investment markets is impacting customer sentiment. Despite this, we have seen drivers related to our service offering increase across the board, with customers particularly responding to our increased communication, ease and prompt service and the manner in which we respond to enquiries.

We have continued to use our insights from customer feedback to make the right changes for customers. The insights inform day-to-day improvements for our customers, as well as help us prioritise projects and initiatives. Some initiatives include:

  • re-design of key website features to improve access and content
  • digital on-boarding and transition portal for customers on-boarding into our schemes and those leaving the Defence Force in our ADF Super scheme
  • continued improvements on our annual statements including a new digital portal for 2019–20 annual statements
  • improved communications for our customers moving into pensions phase.

We also surveyed our customers at particular touchpoints and important events. The NPS results for these touchpoints is shown in Table 5.

Table 5. NPS results across CSC in 2019–20





Financial advice


Member education (seminars and one on ones)


Early release decisions (invalidity and financial hardship)


Ancillary on-boarding




Claims lodgement


These results demonstrate that when we engage with our customers, they are more likely to recommend CSC. Our challenge is to engage all of our customers and continually improve their experience.

Our planned employer relationship survey was delayed due to COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic on our targeted customers. We are launching a more detailed relationship analytics survey for employers in quarter 1 2020–21, which will complement the employer relationship survey.

We surveyed our employers who attended training, achieving an overall NPS of +77.

More information about customer satisfaction with CSC’s individual services can be found in Our customers’ and employers’ satisfaction with our services