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1922 scheme

Overview of the 1922 scheme

The 1922 scheme, which was established under the 1922 Act, is a closed public sector scheme with all customers receiving a pension. Customers contributing to the 1922 scheme transferred to CSS, when CSS opened on 1 July 1976.

The 1922 Act continues to provide for pension payments and any reversionary pensions that become payable.

1922 scheme customers

Figure 26. Number of 1922 scheme pensioners over five years

Note: Figures are at 30 June of each year. ‘Pensioners’ represents the number of pension accounts, not the exact number of pensions (e.g. multiple recipients such as a spouse and orphan children may be paid under one account).

Figure 27. 1922 scheme pension payments over five years

Note: 1922 scheme pensions are paid by the Australian Government.

Changes to 1922 Act Scheme’s legislation

The 1922 Act was amended by the Public Sector Superannuation Legislation Amendment Act 2018. The amendments made changes to the eligibility criteria for child reversionary pensions. The amendments commenced on 1 January 2020.