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ADF Super: Australian Defence Force Superannuation Scheme

Overview of ADF Super

ADF Super is a military superannuation scheme established on 1 July 2016 by the ADF Super Act.

It is an accumulation scheme where customers and the Department of Defence (as the employer) contribute to the scheme, with investment returns calculated as a compound average rate of return after fees and taxes are deducted.

ADF Super is open to new ADF entrants, including reservists who are in full-time continuous service. ADF Super is also open to other eligible ADF members.

ADF Super customers

Figure 22. Number of ADF Super customers over three years

Note: Figures are at 30 June of each year

ADF Super administration


ADF Super customers can make voluntary before-tax and after-tax contributions.

Figure 23. ADF Super customer contributions over four years

Employer contributions

The Department of Defence contributes 16.4% per annum on behalf of ADF Super customers.

Figure 24. ADF Super employer contributions over four years

Benefit payments

The two most common reasons for the pay out of superannuation benefits from the ADF Super fund were for consolidation of funds into another superannuation fund and for COVID-19 Early Release payments.

Figure 25. ADF Super benefit payments over four years

Insurance benefits

There is no insurance within ADF Super. Eligible customers receive automatic invalidity and death cover via ADF Cover

Complaints from ADF Super customers

We saw an increase in complaint numbers from ADF Super customers in 2019–20, which were attributable to communication and service-related issues.

Table 38. Complaints received from ADF Super customers



Complaints received



Changes to ADF Super’s legislation and Trust Deed

The Defence Legislation Amendment (Miscellaneous Measures) Act 2020 amended the ADF Super Act to enable former ADF members, who have provided at least 12 months of service, to continue to make contributions to their ADF Super accounts. The amendments were made on 25 May 2020 and took effect on 6 July 2020.