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Military one-to-one consultations

Our education team provides general advice on superannuation and retirement planning to individual military scheme customers. In 2019–20, we provided over 3,700 one-to-one consultations to customers at ADF establishments around Australia. The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted this service but we were quickly able to move the service to a phone-based consultation so there was no decrease in service to our customers.

Sessions covered general advice including how to contribute to superannuation, how to access superannuation at retirement, benefit options and how superannuation is taxed.

Military customers were usually very satisfied with their one-to-one consultation, on average scoring it an NPS of 68. Customers liked the professional, easy-to-understand explanation of superannuation they received. If customers expressed any dissatisfaction with their one-to-one consultation, it was usually because of waiting times for consultations.