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Seminars for customers

In 2019–20, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted the way in which we delivered our seminars to customers. Social distancing protocols and restrictions on domestic travel meant that we could no longer deliver face-to-face or group seminars. The change we made from in-person to webbased delivery had a large impact on the number of customers we were able to see during the financial year.

There is ongoing development of web content to ensure this mechanism continues to be an attractive way for customers to receive information which is pertinent to them. From July to February we delivered 320 seminars across the country. From March to July we delivered 31 webinars with an average attendance of 20.

While the number of attendees at live webinars was low, the number of views of the recorded online content was consistent with pre-COVID-19 numbers. This indicated that customers were happy to watch the content at a time that suited them rather than waiting for a scheduled live event.

Our seminars and webinars encouraged customers to ask themselves important questions about their retirement needs, such as:

  • How much super will I need?
  • Am I on track?
  • Should I make extra contributions?
  • What is the right investment option for me?
  • Do I need extra insurance cover in the unlikely event something goes wrong?
  • Is now the right time to get personal advice for my needs and goals?

Customers told us they were generally very satisfied with the seminar or webinar they attended or viewed, giving it an average NPS score of 56.

Customers told us they liked receiving new information about superannuation that only an expert would know and having confusing aspects of superannuation explained in ways they can understand.