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Our customers’ and employers’ satisfaction with our services

Along with the increase in service drivers seen in the overall NPS results, we have seen a consistently high level of satisfaction across our service delivery – with higher results seen in surveys where we have increased touch points with customers. This demonstrates that when customers engage with CSC they are satisfied and value the service provided.

Our June 2020 NPS score was -10, a decrease of 9 points from our score in June 2019. However, the change in score is largely attributable to a change in survey design. We baselined our results at the start of the financial year, with a new baseline of -12. More detail about CSC’s overall customer satisfaction levels and our use of the NPS can be found in Our services to customers.

We continue to expand the number of touchpoints we measure to ensure that we better understand our performance and drive positive change for our customers. Over the 2019–20 financial year, we began measuring the satisfaction of retiring customers, customers who join our PSSap Ancillary product and customers who lodge an insurance claim with CSC. We also conducted more specific research into a range of services.

Employer satisfaction with our training services continues to score highly with an NPS of +77. More information about employer satisfaction can be found in Our services to customers.