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Our strategy, as captured in our Corporate Plan

Our strategy directs how we will achieve our purpose and comprises our objectives and outcomes. We are guided by strategic pillars as the key areas for how we deliver our science to meet our purpose and vision.

Our objectives

For over 100 years, we have been the mission‑led national science agency, collaborating across the innovation system. These primary objectives, guided by the SIR Act, help us to deliver on our purpose:

  1. Conduct and encourage the uptake of world-class scientific research.
  2. Mobilise and develop the best talent for the benefit of Australia.
  3. Manage national research infrastructure for the benefit of the nation.
  4. Ensure the sustainability of CSIRO.

Our outcomes

Our high-level outcomes show the results of our work:

  • triple-bottom-line impact to Australia
  • lift Australia’s science capacity and capability
  • accessible world-class facilities to underpin research and innovation
  • sustainable operations, cultural health, safety and wellbeing.

Solving the greatest challenges

We identified these challenges as the areas of greatest importance to Australians. We solve these challenges through our portfolio of missions. Together the challenges and missions are driving Australia’s recovery and resilience following recent national crises.

Food security and quality

Achieving sustainable regional food security and growing Australia’s share of premium agri‑food markets.

Health and wellbeing

Enhancing health for all through preventive, personalised, biomedical and digital health services.

Resilient and valuable environments

Enhancing the resilience, sustainable use and value of our environments.

Sustainable energy and resources

Building regional energy and resource security and our competitiveness while lowering emissions.

Future industries

Creating Australia’s future industries and jobs by collaborating to boost innovation performance and STEM skills.

A secure Australia and region

Safeguarding Australia from risks such as war, terrorism, pandemics, disasters and cyber-attacks.

Strategic pillars

Our pillars, defined in our Corporate Plan 2019–20, guide our operations and bring our purpose, vision and strategy to life.

Customer first: creating deeper innovation relationships with our customers and prioritising the highest impact investments.

Thriving people and teams: putting people and their safety first while supporting them to thrive and adapt in a changing world.

Collaborative networks: integrating the best solutions for our customers, increasing our flexibility, and enhancing Australia’s innovation performance.

Science excellence: creating breakthrough technology and knowledge, being a trusted advisor for Australia.

Global engagement for national benefit: delivering connectivity to the global science, technology and innovation frontier, as well as accessing new markets for Australian innovation.

Breakthrough innovation: increasing our capacity to help reinvent existing industries and creating new industries for Australia and delivering public good.

A robot moving through a simulation tunnel. The robot has two big black caterpillar type wheels with a round device sitting on top.
Our BIA5 Titan robot on the Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies’ underground simulation tunnel. The robot is used by our DARPA Subterranean Challenge team to help deploy WiFi nodes and form the main communications trunk for use by other autonomous robots.


We have worked with our people to co-create our core set of values. These values are central to our cultural vision – they collectively describe what is unique about CSIRO and help us deliver on our strategy.

People first

Caring for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. Seeking out, listening to and learning from our differences. We do this by being respectful, caring and inclusive.

Further together

Achieving more together than we ever can alone. Celebrating our successes and our failures, leveraging them to achieve even greater things. We do this by partnering, cooperating and by being humble.

Making it real

Embracing ambiguity, taking educated risks, stimulating discussion and delivering science for impact. We do this by being curious, adaptive and entrepreneurial.


Providing dependable, evidence-based answers driven by purpose. Earning trust through everything we do. We do this by being accountable, authentic and courageous.

Suzanne is pictured wearing a khaki shirt pictured in a greenhouse looking at some plants. It is a sunny day and the light is shining on to the plants
Dr Suzanne Prober pictured in a greenhouse at our Floreat laboratories in Perth, Western Australia.