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Supporting researchers to shape the future

When ON was created in 2015, we were determined to help Australia's most talented researchers and scientists create a positive social, environmental and economic impact with their research and technology.

We received $20 million in funding over four years under the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda and since then, we’ve seen just how impactful ON has been.

We have worked with over 700 teams, supported over 2,500 people, collaborated with over 40 partners and our ON Alumni have raised over $75 million in venture funding and commercialisation grants.

Post-program there have been over 60 new companies formed, creating over 250 new jobs – an incredible demonstration of how we’ve supported the Australian economy and contributed to uplifting the capability of our amazing researchers and entrepreneurs across the nation.

ON's story

2015: ON launched as a CSIRO pilot program and 9 teams completed our first ON Accelerate.

2016: By the end of 2016, we'd helped 58 teams through our ON Prime and ON Accelerate programs.

2017: By the end of 2017, we'd helped 199 teams through ON Prime and ON Accelerate.

2018: By the end of 2018, we'd helped 293 teams through ON Prime and ON Accelerate.

2019: We had our highest number of ON Prime graduates for the second time in a year. By the end of 2019, we'd helped 477 teams through ON Prime and ON Accelerate.

2020: ON has impacted more than 726 teams and 2,549 people through our programs.

ON program highlights

ON highlights:

  • we formed more than 60 new companies
  • we raised over $37.4 million in investment
  • we attracted over $37.9 million in commercialisation grants
  • we created more than 250 new jobs
  • we partnered with 40 universities and research institutes nationally
  • more than 90 per cent of our participants were satisfied with the program
  • we embraced digital transformation and delivered our ON Accelerate program virtually this year.

Our graduates

Increasing conservation impacts

After going through the ON Prime program, CSIRO scientist Dr iadine Chades was inspired to apply lean start-up methodology to conservation technologies and published a paper in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment describing how the techniques could be useful in increasing the impact of conservation efforts. This led to a partnership with multiple governments to use artificial intelligence in their land management. Read more at: We're bringing conservation into the innovation era.

Silentium Defence

Silentium Defence commercialised a passive surveillance system to address critical surveillance and traffic management demands to better define risk and protect assets. ON Accelerate provided Silentium Defence with business and commercialisation skills, access to networks and mentors, and a pathway from being a research team to a growing small to medium-sized enterprise.

Coviu: putting remote medical access in good health

A girl in a white blouse with black spots sitting at a desk with a lamp, some folders and some papers looking at a computer screen with images of two people and an xray of a human skull
Coviu’s video consultation platform removes the need for physical presence during practitioner‑patient consultations.

It’s easy to take accessible medical treatment in Australia for granted. If you’re an able-bodied person living in or near an urban centre, you’re likely to have a suite of medical services at your fingertips.

For the elderly, those with decreased mobility, members of remote communities and individuals with a compromised immune system, physically visiting a medical specialist can be unfeasible. Recently, the COVID-19 outbreak has challenged practitioners and patients to adopt a safe and secure method to deliver and receive healthcare without physical contact.

Coviu is a cloud-based video consultation platform that removes the need for physical presence during practitioner-patient consultations. After participating in the ON Accelerate program in 2016 as a research team, the Coviu team gained the confidence to target the right market segment with their product, and the ability to pitch their idea and product to the healthcare sector. Designed to mimic traditional brick-and-mortar clinics, Coviu’s platform facilitates in-house payments, online appointment bookings, in-call clinical tools, and integrates with practice management systems to provide improved continuity of care, greater flexibility, reduced costs and more efficient use of resources.

Practitioners of any profession can set up their own digital practice in under five minutes and start delivering end‑to‑end encrypted services immediately. Through Coviu’s platform, clinicians can connect with their patients remotely, allowing potentially infectious patients to be triaged away from crowded waiting rooms and physical clinics.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a rapid uptake of healthcare businesses accessing Coviu since March, with over 10,000 medical professionals using the platform to provide comprehensive, safe and quarantine-compliant healthcare to their patients. Users include physiotherapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, dietitians and general practitioners.

Coviu has now held over 200,000 consultations online, and since September it has supported Healthdirect’s National Video Call Platform. In 2018, ACIL Allen estimated the net present value of the ON program to Coviu to be $16.72 million.