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Statement of Expectations index

Statement of Expectations index




Striving for excellence of scientific endeavour

Science Excellence

Science and Research Priorities

World-class scientific research


Driving scientific excellence (by providing training and appropriate incentives)

Strategic innovation investment

Create new or significantly transforming industries and assist with innovation for existing industries

Strategic innovation investment

International employer of choice

Our People Strategy

Researchers to be entrepreneurial

Our People Strategy

Support risk-taking as part of resilient strategies to solve big problems

Risk management


Improving STEM education

Science outreach programs

Maximise use of its national scientific facilities

Managing national research infrastructure

Research publications openly available

CSIRO Publishing

Support the nation’s science and research capability

SIEF Performance report

Increase collaboration with universities and industry

University engagement

Increase capacity and responsiveness to translate research into outcomes

Strategic innovation investment

Implement the CSIRO ON Accelerator

ON program

Sharing of innovation and investment lessons with investment community and with the government so as to be applied to other government priorities

CSIRO Innovation Fund

Improve Australia’s data science research capability (Data61)

Data61 Case Study

Develop transparent metrics to benchmark and measure performance

Annual Performance Statement

Future Vision

Advance Government’s policy priorities to benefit Australia

Triple bottom line impacts

A leader in training young Australian graduates

Programs supporting university students

Engage with industries where CSIRO’s capability and intellectual property can help these industries become globally competitive

Intellectual property


Working closely with the department

Government engagement

Keep Minister and department informed

Government engagement

Corporate Plan and Annual Report

Annual performance statement