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Future Science Platforms

digital technology and wiresThe Active Integrated Matter Future Science Platform harnesses digital technology, autonomous systems and materials science to deliver the transdisciplinary scientific breakthroughs needed for Enlightened Industry, or Industry 5.0.

Future Science Platforms are our investment in science areas that will help reinvent and create new industries for Australia.

Active Integrated Matter: ground-breaking advances at the interface of big data, advanced autonomous systems and materials science.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: targeting artificial intelligence-driven solutions to build a safer and more efficient future for the next generation.

Deep Earth Imaging: imaging subsurface rock properties to unlock the potential of the greater depths in the Earth.

Digiscape: building a common big data infrastructure to support Australian farmers and land managers.

Environomics: reinventing how we measure and monitor ecosystem health, predicting environmental change and finding new resources in nature.

Hydrogen Energy Systems: creating new science, capabilities and technologies across the emerging hydrogen value chain to support new Australian industries and large-scale emissions reduction.

Precision Health: engaging with communities to create an integrated platform to manage a person’s health through tailored food, nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

Probing Biosystems: obtaining real-time information from living organisms to provide customised health and medical interventions.

Space Technology: identifying and developing the science to leapfrog traditional technologies and find new areas for Australian industry to work in.

Synthetic Biology: artificial engineering of biological systems.