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Tables and figures


Comcare Annual Report 2018-19

Table Number

Table 1

Comcare scheme workers’ compensation data

Table 2

Rehabilitation and return to work—median lost time in weeks

Table 3

Claim disputation rates

Table 4

Notifiable work health and safety incidents—as the national regulator

Table 5

Additional Chief Executive Officer and General Managers during 2018–19

Table 6

Departed Comcare Executive team members during 2018–19

Table 7

2018–19 Corporate Plan results summary

Table 8

Links between the Corporate Plan and the PBS components 2018–19

Table 9

Notifiable incidents notified to Comcare under section 38 of the WHS Act

Table 10

TASC programme activities commenced

Table 11

Inspectorate compliance and enforcement activities

Table 12

Notices issued under the WHS Act

Table 13

Other statutory reporting requirements under the WHS Act

Table 14

APS employee census engagement ratings

Table 15

Premium rates

Table 16

Continuance rates–incapacity durations (an indication of return to work performance)

Table 17

Mechanism of injury for Comcare accepted claims from 2016–17 to 2018–19

Table 18

Attendance at Audit and Risk Committee meetings 2018–19

Table 19

The most frequent categories of complaints during 2018–19

Table 20

Comcare workforce profile as at 30 June 2019

Table 21

Ongoing headcount of employees–current and previous report period

Table 22

Non-ongoing headcount of employees—current and previous report period

Table 23

Information about remuneration for key management personnel

Table 24

Information about remuneration for other highly paid staff

Table 25

Comcare financial operating result

Table 26

Comcare Historical Funding Ratio

Table 27

Comcare Historical Net Premium Liabilities

Table 28

2018–19 Consultancy services—at 1 July 2019

Table 29

Comcare’s environmental performance 2018–19

Table 30

Annual reporting compliance index


Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission Annual Report 2018-19

Table 31

SRCC meeting attendance

Table 32

Licence types, licensees and expiry dates—at 30 June 2019

Table 33

Licensees’ claims activity

Table 34

Performance against LKPIs—All licensees

Table 35

Recordkeeping requirements under SRC Directions


Figure 1

Comcare's outcome statement and strategic focus

Figure 2

Comcare’s cultural priorities and how we work

Figure 3

Responsibilities under the Commonwealth legislation

Figure 4

Comcare scheme coverage under the SRC Act

Figure 5

Comcare scheme coverage under the WHS Act

Figure 6

Comcare’s organisation chart as at 30 June 2019

Figure 7

Comcare’s office locations

Figure 8

Number of claims received 2014–15 to 2018–19

Figure 9

Comcare multi-level regulatory engagement