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Chairperson's review

Photo of Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission Chairperson, Rosemary Vilgan.

Rosemary Vilgan, Chairperson
Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission

It gives me great pleasure to present my report to the Minister for Industrial Relations, the Hon Christian Porter MP, and the Australian Parliament on the operations of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (SRCC) for the year ending 30 June 2019.

I would like to acknowledge the valuable contributions made by all Members.


The SRCC has a range of functions under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1998 (SRC Act) and the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act). These are set out on page 182.

To fulfil its functions, the SRCC’s priorities for 2018–19 were focused on the following key areas:

  • operation of the SRCC
  • stakeholder engagement
  • operation of licensees
  • operation of the Licence Compliance and Performance Model (LCPM).

I am pleased to report that the SRCC undertook a range of activities to achieve outcomes against these priority areas in 2018–19, the key points of which are set out in this report.

Regulator performance framework

As the regulator of self-insured licensees under the SRC Act, the SRCC is required to implement the Government’s Regulator Performance Framework (RPF). In 2018–19, the SRCC completed its self-assessment against its endorsed RPF key performance indicators. The self-assessment will be published on the SRCC’s website later this year.


On 1 July 2018, the Australian National University commenced as a self-insured licensee. During this reporting period, the SRCC also granted a licence to DHL Express (Australia) Pty Ltd which commenced on 1 January 2019, and the Australian Capital Territory Government which commenced on 1 March 2019. There were no licence extensions in 2018–19.

Further information on self-insurance licencing arrangements can be found in this report.

Meetings with licensees and affiliated unions

The annual meeting between the SRCC and licensees was held on 27 March 2019.

The SRCC also engages with affiliated unions (unions and their members representing employees of self-insured licensees). The inaugural meeting between the SRCC and affiliated unions was held on 19 June 2019. These meetings provided a valuable opportunity for the SRCC, licensees and affiliated unions to participate in an open discussion on the implementation and operation of the LCPM. This included identifying further areas of review as part of continuous improvement.

Strategic risk register

The SRCC manages current and emerging risks through its strategic risk register. In 2018–19 the SRCC reviewed the register to ensure it remained current and effective.

Finally, I would like to thank the staff of Comcare for their professional support, guidance and assistance.