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About Coal LSL

Coal LSL is an Australian Government corporation established to regulate and manage long service leave entitlements on behalf of eligible employees in the black coal mining industry. We have serviced the industry as a government entity for more than 27 years, managing the portable long service leave benefit which was established in 1949.

We use our guiding principles to inform our decision making, actions and workplace behaviours.

  • Purpose: We're here to connect employers and employees with long service leave entitlements for the good of Australia’s black coal mining industry.
  • Vision: We support Australian industry and its people. As a leader in service we provide respected and accessible portable long service leave benefits.
  • Strategy: Innovative operations | Investment excellence | Seamless interactions | Trusted educator.
  • Values: Trust | Open | Respect | Care | Honest.

Coal LSL Guiding Principles Coal LSL Guiding Principles