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Goal 1 - Seamless interactions


Offer an enhanced client experience through authentic interactions, increased digital services and accessible information.

Performance criterion 1 – Client satisfaction: Improved response from baseline

Criterion source

2019–20 Corporate Plan (Performance section, page 22)

Results against performance criterion

In 2019–20 we made positive progress in improving the client experience. We assessed this by engaging directly with clients to obtain qualitative feedback.

To achieve this, we delivered a relationship program which involved new client-centric models for onboarding newly registered employers, managing timely submission of Levy Advice forms, and more than 1,200 individual proactive interactions with registered employers.

We implemented a new client feedback register to track, monitor and report positive and negative client feedback provided through our contact centre. Additionally, we captured feedback from our clients through multiple industry workshops and employer/employee meetings.

This feedback influenced our decision to increase resourcing where needed in client service positions in addition to driving improvements in our communication suite.

Performance criterion 2 – Self-service functionality: Increase in number of options available

Criterion source

2019–20 Corporate Plan (Performance section, page 22)

Results against performance criterion

We increased self-service options for clients this year primarily through new website functions and content. On our website we:

  • Provided a search function for employees to find out if their new employer is registered with Coal LSL
  • Added a 'Request my leave balance' web form, enabling clients to request information about their accrued leave balance at a time that's convenient to them, rather than being limited to our contact centre operating hours
  • Continued to improve the volume and readability of information, such as Frequently Asked Questions, forms and clearer guidance on legislation and processes.

These efforts resulted in enhanced self-service for clients. Some of these results are reported under Performance Criteria 3Self-service use.

Analysis of our client portal last year is helping to inform improvements to self-service through this channel. During 2019–20 we delivered a tailored client portal for one of our largest registered employers as part of a trial for future seamless interactions. Data from the analysis has also informed a planned portal improvement project for the coming year.

Additionally, our newly formed Employer Relations team provided proactive assistance on more than 1,200 occasions, supporting employers to build their self-service capability. This contributes to the goal of seamless interactions for employers in their important role of administering long service leave on behalf of their eligible employees.

Performance criterion 3 – Self-service use

Criterion source

2019–20 Corporate Plan (Performance section, page 22)

Results against performance criterion

We saw an increase in self-service use of our client portal and website during the year.

Use of the client portal increased overall by 16%, a result of growth in user numbers and promotion of the portal.

Our self-service options through the website improved in line with the website upgrade. More web pages supporting self-service were added and these received 25,608 hits in total during the reporting period, an improvement of 79% over last year on our previous self-service offerings. Conversely, there was a 7% decrease in visitors who navigated directly to the Contact Us page which leads to phone or email traffic in our contact centre. This decrease, and the increase in uptake of self-service offerings, demonstrate that our efforts to provide greater offerings to our stakeholders is working, thereby improving seamless interactions for them.

Performance criterion 4 – Website use: Increase in website use

Criterion source

2019–20 Corporate Plan (Performance section, page 22)

Results against performance criterion

Our new website was launched in June 2019, providing a complete 12 months of data for reporting this year. With an ultimate goal of supporting self-service, the renewed site aimed to be a more intuitive, informative resource with clearer language and a more effective user experience.

We wanted to enable our stakeholder groups to find information, make enquiries and connect via channels that are available outside of traditional office hours, to suit their needs and work schedules.

The 12 months saw 5,177 web enquiries; 1,250 of these were requests for contact, supporting the out of office service offering, while 3,810 were requests for long service leave details which traditionally would have required a phone call.

Our baseline measures capture the behaviour of users interacting with our website. We measure total page views and self-service capacity. The website received 189,922 total page views, representing a 14% increase compared to the previous year. This increase in traffic is noteworthy when considered in conjunction with the disruption to normal office engagements resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. As reported in Performance Criteria 3, the web pages supporting self-service received 25,608 hits, an improvement of 79% over last year on our previous self-service offerings.

Analysis of performance

We are pleased with results of the work towards seamless interactions during the year, having achieved in our four focus areas of enhanced client experience, increased digital interactions and services, improved accessibility of information, and more robust relationships with employers.

However, our clients are the true word of authority on our claims about results. They have affirmed our success through increased positive feedback and increased use of website information and features.

'Coal LSL has always been helpful, but I’ve noticed this has improved over the last 18 months, with changes in forms and processes, etc. We find the Coal LSL staff are always pleasant and genuinely want to assist us to get things right – this is right across the organisation.'
Payroll Manager