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Goal 1 - Seamless interactions


Offer an enhanced client experience through increased digital services and interactions that are seamless, streamlined and consistent.


Performance criterion 1 – Client satisfaction: Improved response from prior year

Criterion source
2018–19 Corporate Plan (Performance section, page 20)

Results against performance criterion
While we did not deliver formal client surveys to assess an improved response from the prior year, our approach this year was to engage more directly for qualitative feedback, which has been a valuable process.

We captured feedback from our clients via multiple industry workshops, employer meetings and focus interviews as part of research for our digital transformation projects. We realised feedback was coming to us in themes and, in response, we prioritised development of a central register and reporting framework. Each month a resolution summary is provided to senior management.

Moving forward, balancing qualitative and quantitative data will be an important consideration to ensure we have a true understanding of client satisfaction levels.

Performance criterion 2 – Client portal: Baseline measure of self-service options available

Criterion source
2018–19 Corporate Plan (Performance section, page 20)

Results against performance criterion
This year we completed analysis of our client portal to understand the baseline of our digital service offering.

At the beginning of the financial year, functionality was limited to clients being able to manage their user access, update personal details and access reporting.

During 2018–19 we added to our self service options the ability for eligible employees to view their leave accrual information online. We also initiated technology upgrades in preparation for automated levy return submittal, a feature that will make levy submissions easier for clients and more efficient for staff to process.

Delivering an enhanced client experience remains a core strategic objective so increasing our digital offering from the current functionality will remain an important deliverable in the coming year.

Performance criterion 3 – Website utilisation: Baseline measure

Criterion source
2018–19 Corporate Plan (Performance section, page 20)

Results against performance criterion
Our public website was heavily legislation focused and, while content-rich, it was challenging for users to navigate. A review of website utilisation suggested most visitors only sought our contact details from the platform and then called the contact centre.

A renewed website was launched in June 2019, providing a more intuitive, informative resource with clearer language and a more effective user experience. This year’s performance mainly relates to our previous website.

Our baseline measures capture the behaviour of users interacting with our website. We measure total page views and self service capacity, with the following results during 2018–19:

  1. The website received 166,778 total page views, representing a 43% increase compared to the previous year. This increase in traffic is a by-product of the client engagement activity undertaken during the year.
  2. Web pages supporting self service received 14,305 hits during the reporting period. During the short period in June in which the upgraded website was available, we saw a 2% decrease in visitors who navigated directly to the Contact us page on arrival and a spike in hits on the new pages supporting self service. This indicates the new website is supporting clients in finding the information they need.

We have progressed in our pursuit of seamless interactions.

This year has been focused on ensuring the foundations for a seamless client experience are in place through investment in our core systems, upgrading platforms, enhancing capacity and delivery capability. We have focused on understanding our clients’ needs to ensure meet the expectations of the industry as we move forward with delivering on our promise. We have taken time to analyse our current service offering, including the surrounding processes and frameworks, to ensure we implement a scalable, repeatable and consistent offering. These activities and initiatives have delivered valuable information and insights for Coal LSL to benefit from as we press forward with our transformation.

The improvements delivered externally for this reporting period have been in small increments but provide solid foundations for our future.