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Provides centralised publication of Commonwealth Government business opportunities, annual procurement plans, multi-use lists and contracts awarded by government agencies.

Authority members

The Authority comprises eight part-time members (including the Chair) and the Chief Scientist (ex officio). Members are appointed by the Minister responsible for climate change under s. 18 of the Climate Change Authority Act 2011.

Carbon Farming Initiative

An Australian carbon offset scheme that credits emissions reductions from certain sources.

Climate Change Authority

Established on 1 July 2012 to provide independent advice to the Minister responsible for climate change and the parliament on climate change policies.

Clean Energy Regulator

An independent statutory authority that administers regulatory schemes relating to clean energy, including the Renewable Energy Target, the Carbon Pricing Mechanism (now repealed), the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme, the Carbon Farming Initiative and the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Enterprise Agreement 2011–2014

The collective agreement of the former Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency; sets the terms and conditions of employment for all non-SES Authority staff.

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Helps to drive economic growth, productivity and competitiveness by bringing together industry, energy, resources, science, skills and business.

Emissions Reduction Fund

A scheme resulting from the expansion of, streamlining and other changes to the CFI in December 2014. The ERF involves purchases of ACCUs by the Government.

Emissions Reduction Target

Australia’s goal for national emissions in a specific year.


A reduction in the source of greenhouse gases or enhancement of the sequestration (removals) for greenhouse gases.

Nationally Determined Contribution

Represent the commitments of each country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change. They were agreed to by countries during the Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP) in Paris in 2015, a commitment known as 'The Paris Agreement'

National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme

Introduced in 2007, the scheme provides a single national framework for corporations to report on greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and energy production. Corporations that meet a National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting threshold must register and then report each year.

Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change. It was adopted by 196 Parties at COP 21 in Paris, on 12 December 2015 and entered into force on 4 November 2016. Its goal is to limit global warming to well below 2, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels

Remuneration Tribunal

An independent statutory authority established under the Remuneration Tribunal Act 1973 that sets the remuneration for key Commonwealth offices.

Renewable Energy Target

Operates in two parts—the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target.