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Online systems and registries

We provide secure and enduring infrastructure and are committed to continuous improvement of our systems and registries, as they are essential in supporting our scheme participants to securely report, receive entitlements, acquit liabilities and trade.

We align our service design and delivery processes with best-practice principles and standards published by the Digital Transformation Agency, such as the Digital Service Standard and the Service Design and Delivery Process, to build and deliver digital services that are simple, clear and fast.

Our online registries, systems and support include:

  • Australian National Registry of Emissions Units—The online system for tracking and trading ACCUs and emission units issued under the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Emissions and Energy Reporting System—This is a secure online system for National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme participants to prepare and submit their reports.
  • REC Registry—This secure online system is used for all Renewable Energy Target transactions. The REC Registry enables the market to operate, supporting both supply and demand by providing secure, convenient, user-friendly and efficient processes to create, register, sell, trade and surrender certificates.
  • Inspections Portal—This secure online system is used to manage the inspections reporting process and outcomes as part of administering the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme inspections program.
  • Client Portal—This portal is a secure entry point where our scheme participants can access online forms, systems and other information.
  • Clean Energy Regulator website—Our website is the front door to information for scheme participants, the public and stakeholders. It provides access to data, corporate information and reporting and compliance requirements.

During 2019–20, we maintained the availability of our systems and registries for 99.8 per cent of the time, excluding planned outages (Table 6).

Table 6: Availability of our systems (excluding planned outages), 2019 – 20

System or registry


Australian National Registry of Emissions Units


Emissions and Energy Reporting System


REC Registry


Inspections Portal


Client Portal