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Work health and safety

We recognise the importance of meeting our legislative obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) to prevent work-related injury and illness.

In 2019–20, we delivered the following health and safety initiatives to meet our obligations under the WHS Act we:

  • undertook 78 workstation assessments
  • provided flu vaccinations for 189 employees
  • carried out work health and safety workplace inspections to prevent work-related injury and illness
  • maintained our networks of trained mental health first aid officers, first aid officers and workplace harassment contact officers
  • provided trained rehabilitation case managers to support employees to return to work, with early intervention and return-to-work measures
  • undertook skin checks and promoted sun safety with employees during World Cancer Week, and
  • participated in events to promote workplace health and safety, which included: R U OK Day, encouraging employees to check in with each other; our Winter Health Expo, promoting good physical and mental health; and partnering with Red Cross Australia to seek interest and promote blood and plasma donation.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we took measures to support employees to transition to a home-based work model while supporting physical and mental health. This included:

  • updating guidance material and policies to align with COVID-19 pandemic response measures
  • rolling out the ‘Uprise’ wellness phone application, which included specific COVID-19 content to help manage health and disease anxiety through daily wellbeing questionnaires, Employee Assistance Program referrals, webinars and COVID-19 Q&A services, and
  • providing regular communiques to employees to keep them informed and connected.

We continue to provide complex case management support in partnership with third-party providers, employees and managers for non-compensation cases, and to update our work, health safety policies and guidelines through our Consultative Committee.

In 2019–20:

  • our incident management system was reviewed by Comcare
  • no notifiable incidents were reported to Comcare
  • no work health and safety investigations were conducted, and
  • three workers compensation claims were accepted by Comcare.