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2018–19 Highlights

Emissions Reduction Fund

  • 13.7 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions stored or avoided
  • 67 new projects registered to reduce emissions
  • 34 new contracts for another 3.27 million tonnes of carbon abatement
  • 784 projects in total

For more information see Emissions Reduction Fund.

National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme

  • 336.3 million tonnes of scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions reported
  • 3882 petajoules of net energy consumption reported
  • 413 corporations met the threshold for publishing their emissions and energy data

For more information see National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme.

Renewable Energy Target

  • 22.9 million megawatt hours of additional electricity generated by renewable energy power stations
  • 345 new renewable energy power stations accredited, with a 95% increase in capacity compared with 2017–18
  • 290,447 small-scale systems installed
  • 14.6 million megawatt hours electricity generated or displaced (not needed from the grid) by small-scale systems

For more information see Renewable Energy Target.

Scheme compliance

  • 380 audits completed across all schemes
  • 100% compliance for the first Safeguard Mechanism compliance period
  • 96.1% of National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme reports submitted on time

For more information see Scheme compliance.

Online registries and systems

  • 99.4% availability of Australian National Registry of Emissions Units, Emissions and Energy Reporting System, Renewable Energy Certificate Registry, Client Portal and our website

For more information see Online registries and systems.

Our agency

  • 79% of Communication survey respondents agree we are doing a good job
  • 326 employees, with 87% representing diversity groups
  • $411,000 operating surplus (before depreciation)
  • $70.454 million operating expenditure (excluding depreciation)

For more information see Our agency.